Prickly Pear
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Prickly Pear

Palm Springs

These heavenly haciendas bring high-brow to the high desert!

The Vibe: Terra cotta chic melts into warm neutral tones throughout these sophisticated sanctuaries. White walls and crimson concrete conjure California Missionary history, combining with contemporary finishes to flawlessly pair past and present. Colorful decorative accents allude to green and purple cacti silhouetting the supernatural southern skyscape, popping against bright whites and vintage earthy tile.

The Scoop: The desert sun isn't nearly the hottest thing about these hip homes! Built in 1949, design flourishes mix mid-century and modern mode. Multiple structures and larger-than-life landscapes mean visual versatility -- from old-world western to mirage mystical.

The Details: Ditch high traffic for the high desert! Located in the stylish Southern California artists' abode of Joshua Tree, acreage abounds on this picturesque property. You won't need to sweat space -- plenty of parking, equipment enters with ease, and noise is a non-factor!

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