Terms & Conditions

Quotes and rates - Quotes and rates are based on a 10 hour day. Any time over 10 hours will be negotiated at an agreed upon hourly rate or subject to standard overtime terms after 10 hours. Overtime is based on the hourly rate per 10 hour day.

Overtime – Standard overtime is charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate over 10 hours and 2 times the hourly rate after 12 hours and 3 times the hourly rate after 14 hours (at 30 minute intervals).

Booking fee - A Mint Locations, LLC booking fee of $500 will be added to each invoice per location. This fee is over and above the quoted rate for the location.

Cancellations – Booked shoots cancelled within 48 hours are payable at 50% of the contracted location rate. Booked shoots cancelled within 24 hours are payable at 100% of the contracted location rate.

Payment – Payment is due in full 24 hours prior to the shoot.

Permits – Permits are the sole responsibility of the renter.

Timeframe – The contracted timeframe for each shoot begins when the first crew member/Production arrives on location and ends when the last crew member/Production leaves the location.

Negotiations – Mint Locations provides service. As an extension of our service, Mint Locations will negotiate directly with the homeowner as to fees, schedule and parameters of use. Mint Locations negotiations and agreements will override any rates, terms and agreements that are discussed between Production and the homeowner during a scout.

Call sheets – Mint Locations, LLC will be added to the call sheet as the Locations Representative. Call sheets will be forwarded to Mint Locations, LLC prior to each shoot, each day of the shoot.

Insurance – Mint Locations, LLC must receive the COI documents at least 24 hours in advance of the shoot or occupancy may be denied.

Contract - Mint Locations, LLC must receive a signed contract at least 24 hours in advance of the shoot or occupancy may be denied.

Site Representative – Each booking may require a Mint Locations, LLC Locations Manager. The Locations Manager fee is standard at $500 for a 10 hour day.

Load – In – When booking a Mint Location it is expected and mutually understood that all necessary precautions will be taken to protect the floors, walls, windows, furniture, décor, and landscaping of each home. If additional time is needed to prepare and protect the home this time can be negotiated at a variable rate.

Tech Scout – A tech scout is included with each booking. The tech scout is gratis but is limited to 1 hour unless agreed upon prior to the tech. Additional time spent on the tech that exceeds the hour grace, will be charged at ½ rate per hour (at 30 minute intervals).

Condition of Home – Mint Locations, LLC does not guarantee the condition of the home upon arrival. If the shoot has specific criteria or expectations, these should be clearly communicated prior to the shoot. Mint Locations, LLC encourages the opportunity to do a gratis tech scout at least 48 hours prior to any booked shoot.

Expectations for care of location – Below is a basic list of expectations for use of any Mint Location. Renter will be responsible for up charges if these basic and standard expectations are not met:

- Use of 1 bathroom only for crew
- Production will provide paper goods and a trash receptacle for bathroom
- All trash and recycling must be removed daily
- Production to provide trash bags
- Use of kitchen is not allowed for catering without pre-approval
- Staging for craft service and catering must be approved prior to load-in
- No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the house
- Shoes or booties are required at the request of the homeowner
- Staging for glam team must be approved prior to load-in
- Parking restrictions and or homeowner requests for parking must be honored
- Production/art department is responsible for re-dressing rooms upon wrap
- If a location has specific ‘House Rules’, a copy of these rules will be forwarded to the Production and will be circulated to all crew members.

Damage – Production is responsible for documenting existing damage prior to the shoot. Production is responsible for documenting damage caused during the shoot. Location owner will assess the location and report any unreported damages within 24 hours of the production moving out. If the parties cannot agree on compensation for property damage caused during the shoot, a Mint Locations representative will make the decision on what on what will be paid out/covered. It is understood that if a final walk-through upon wrap is impossible or must be delayed, Mint Locations representative will determine coverage based on reasonable consideration. In the event of damage, the homeowner may use their vendor of choice for repair. Mint Locations representative will oversee this process and will subsequently add a $100 processing fee to mitigate damage, repair and reimbursement.

Location Release - Production must provide a location release outlining the terms of use of the shots and video while on location. Mint Locations is a proxy agent to sign the location release. Should the terms be exploited, Production may be liable for further fees.

Usage - Any shots and/or video taken at the location on the shoot days are authorized for use solely for the stated production. The shots and/or video may not be re-used or sold for further usage without prior or subsequent written agreement with Mint Locations, LLC and homeowner approval.

Drop offs/Pick ups and Overnight Storage - Drop offs/Pick ups are only possible before or after the shoot day(s) by written consent. A storage fee may be added to your invoice for this location. Any equipment or valuables left at the location are done so at the risk of Production. Mint Locations nor the homeowner are liable for any loss or damage for Drop offs/Pick ups and Overnight Storage.

Public/Employer’s Liability & Damages - The person signing the contract, Production must ensure that they or their company have Liability Insurance to a minimum value of 1,000,000 in the event of an accident or claim and in the case of a company that they are authorized to sign the contract. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be available to view upon request. Any damages of loss to any part of the location or it’s property on the shoot day(s) are the responsibility of Production and signing the contract represents full acceptance of the terms and conditions and to be bound by these terms.

Non-Circumvention Clause - Production may not book any location introduced to Production through Mint Locations, LLC without booking through Mint Locations. LLC. The Parties to this Agreement (including any agent, employee, affiliate, independent contractor, subsidiary, or other representative) shall refrain from soliciting business and contracts from sources introduced to them by Mint Locations. LLC. In addition, all Parties to this Agreement will maintain complete confidentiality regarding locations introduced by Mint Locations, LLC.

Additionally, the Parties to this Agreement hereby agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent Mint Locations, LLC with respect to any introduction or sources made available by Mint Locations, LLC. In the event of either direct or indirect circumvention of sources provided by Mint Locations, LLC if proven and commissions have been lost, Mint Locations, LLC will be entitled to monetary compensation equal to three times the maximum service fee it would realize from such a transaction, plus expenses, including, but not limited to legal expenses that may later be incurred while attempting to recover lost revenue.